1. the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way.

Power- an amazimg 5 letter word that ignites the fire within you to brighten up your soul.

Power produces a sense of strenght and and the confindence with in.

Power ain’t about controlling someone else’s life in any which way. Nor it is about manipulating someone’s decision.

Power is to feel your expressions. Power paves a way to stretch beyond your limitations

Power enhances your skills, upgrades your courage and most importantly it allows you to understand your values.

Power is your strongest weapon. It is not used to defend oneself. It is used to attack your insecurities and let go your fears.

Being Powerful is not about being arrogant. Being powerful is all about being courageous enough to help yourself and everyone arround for the betterment of the world.

Power has to be your oil in the fire. It should brighten your soul and be a light of hope in someone else’s life.

Power is your ability to overcome your fears and make your dreams come true.

Rise up macha! Time to work on yourself in a full power🌟

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