Busting the birthday blues. (Part-4)

She came back from school at 4 in evening with a big smile on her face. Her smile widened when she saw the decorations in the hall.

By this time she realised we have palnned a party for her. She immediately ran towards the kitchen and asked her mom if all her friends were invited to the party. Her mom agreed to have invited all her friends with a personal message and a call.

Her smile widened. I could see the excitement and happinees on her face. As a teenager we all know how important role peers played in our lives. There’s no one else who could influence our lives more than our friends Irrespective of how good or bad the influence was.

All excited my cousin went to her room and i followed her like any other curious younger sister.

She adorned a beauttiful body fitted pink maxi dress with a matching purse and headband. And i stared at her, while she was applying blush and lipstick trying to learn some make-up skills

Once she was ready she rushed towards the hall to welcome her friends. But to her surprise none of her them had come yet.

I could see her smile drowning into sorrow. Until she heard her mom calling one of her friends and asking how much more time it would take.

My cousin breathed in deep went back to room with a positive mindset and i followed her. She started clicking photos and posing infront of the mirror enjoying her met gala moment.

And i couldn’t stop but wonder how can anybody be so beautiful. I think all us sisters could relate to how younger sister would always follow her elder sister. Trying to copy them, follow them everwhere and also enjoy the perks of sitting in the corner of the room and giggle with guilt listening to all the gossips that cooked arround elder sister and her friends .

It was 8.00pm by now. None of her friends have arrived. My aunt called all of them again and this time my cousin was sitting beside my aunt.

I could see my cousin’s happinees sinking into sorrow after every friend of her apologised that they couldn’t attend the party.

It was a tragic day. None of her friends out of 20 could make it to party.

My cousin ran towards her room. she thrashed on the bed crying hard and loud. Soon tears rolled down my eyes and i started crying.

And unfortunately that day was a sad day for my sister. She felt insignificant and non- essential part of this universe.

Of course! It was unfair to her. She was not supposed to feel trivial on her special day. But i think equally unjust to her family.

Stay tuned To know Why.

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