Understanding the unalikes (epi-4)

Let’s meet ‘C’s.

‘C’s are the kind of people who believe they have all the rights to speak about anyone and everyone on earth.

They believe that their point of view about everything is right. And they can never go wrong.

That’s  a good optimism guys. But ‘C’s don’t keep it to themselves. They forcefully want everyone to adopt their decision because certainly, they feel that the person might not be able to take his own decison about his own life and ‘C’s have all the rights to take their decision without even invitation.

I get where is it coming from. ‘C’s are the most insecure people on earth. They were never taught about building themself and their core strong.

They were never made to realise what a beautiful and unique creature they are. What super powers they have to lift themself and their society a level up.

Instead they are taught to pull eveyone down who is trying to fly higher.

I genuinely feel bad for them. Imagine all your life you spend your energy, your time to interfere in someone else’s decision while you yourself have not figured out your life.

‘C’s are also the group of people who think they have all rights to criticize or in any manner interfere in someone else’s life through social media.

We call them trolls. I understand there are things which certain people like and certain people don’t.  But can we please keep our opinions to ourself.

And what ache’s my heart is this ‘C’ community which is turning bigger and wider.

Dear ‘C’,

Please, let the humanity prevail.

I know that  you are a good human. There’s obviously been some sort of problem in  your  life which has never let  you realise your true powers and the key for wisdom towards your life. But remember, that you insecurities can only be secured, when you willingly work on it.

Try working on it and believe me you will end up in a good place.

With love,

Happy Life.

#stoptrolling #letthehumanityprevail

14 thoughts on “Understanding the unalikes (epi-4)

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  1. The word troll literally means ‘fisherman.’ if humans are like fishes in that they’re swimming in an ocean of love, bliss and gnosis: trolls are those who don’t let them. School of fishes is the group for fishes because fishes are learners. Sensitive.

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