1. excessive, self-absorbed unhappiness over one’s own troubles.

Everything that you want to achive is also wanting to achieve you.

This thought process also runs so much in parllel with our emotions. Everytime when you are sad there is a small part of you seeking for a happiness. Similarly everytime you feel happy there is also a small part of you seeking for hard times(weird right?! ).

Those days when you are extremely productive you miss your lazy, louzy behaviour. But the time you start being lazy, you hate being unproductive.

Hating yourself for not willing to do something sounds like the person is very hard on oneself. But is self-pity always good?!

In this progressive world, Where make-up builds the confidence in you.(no offence to everyone who loves makeup)

Where being virgin at 21 is a sin.

Where anxiety, panic attack,depression have become new cool trends.

Where passive aggression is a new Synonym for maturity.

Where everything and everyheart arround you is turing dusky and dark. (Imagine even your social applications have dark theme.)

How could somebody not seek for sorrow, disappointment, dejection, depression and ofcourse some self-pity?!

There is this thin boundary between self-pity and being hard on youself. You might be hating youself for not willing to do something. At times you might also self-pity yourself for pushing yourself too hard.

With the kind of environment we live in (as mentioned above) We easily seek disappointment and play it hard on ourself which can turn us towards dejected and unhappy life.

But too much self-pity can also steal all the opportunities of who you could be. Thus later turning your life in sheer disappointment.

Understanding how important it is to sacrifice for success but also live happily in every moment your life is the true mantra for a happy life.

And the person who can balance this between this boundary is the true winner of life.

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