Busting the birthday blues. (Part-3)

Another common myth that people subconsciously believe is that “you can only celebrate your birthday when you have friends or people arround to celebrate”.

Well! let me test how dependent you are on someone else to celebrate your birthday. Imagine your very good friend or a close family member talk’s to you about every nonsense in the world but forgets to wish you on your birthday.

I am a 100% sure you would feel bad.

You would feel worse when the same person who had wished you virtually on a whatsapp group doesn’t remeber or feel the necessity to wish you in reality. God! That’s disappointing.

Honestly, a girl like me would have spoiled all her day because her silly expectations dissappointed her.

It’s strange how our expectations never remain bound within the boundaries we lay and always end up disappointing us.Well! That’s a story for another day.

Coming back to my point. I also accept that there are some intellectual people who could have handled this situation in a much better way and may not have really bothered much about it. Also, most importantly they would not have ruined their birthday.

But let’s face it guys! Majority of us belong to the first category.

So, here i am urging you to realise that birthday’s are meant to celebrate your existence by you and no one could ever make you feel happier and more complete than you, yourself.

I was at my mamma’s native place. And that day was my cousin’s birthday. My cousin was a growing teenage then(you can imagine the adrenaline rush she might have had on her birthday). And i just entered the tennage phase.

Since it was her birthday we as a family decided to surprise her.

We decorated the hall, baked a cake, my aunt cooked some delicious food and my mom invited all my cousin’s friends to the party. All this was a suprise to my cousin.

That morning she went to school wearing her beautiful birthday dress, carrying an extra box of chocolates to distibute among her friends.

She was happy but she had no idea how happier she would be after we suprise her with a party, where all her friends, family and loved ones were together dancing, singing under one roof celebrating her birthday.

But thing’s didn’t go well that evening. That birthday was suppose to be the best birthday of her life. But it turned out to be the worst one. She cried a lot that birthday.

And life taught us a very important lesson that day.

Stay tuned to know how my cousin’s happy suprise turned in to sad birthday that none of us expected .

Also,i would love to know the possiblities you think of that might have ruined her birthday. Please comment down your views. It would be fun to know your version of my storyπŸ’ƒπŸΎ

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