Understanding the unalikes (epi-3)

Let’s meet ‘A’s

‘A’ are the kind of people who are always seen under someone else’s shade. They seem to adsorb colours from their masters instead truly glorifying there own colours. Sadly, they try to seek their identitiy by actually copying someone else.

No it’s not there fault they might not be doing it intentionally. It’s probably the fault of people who surrounded them during their childhood.  Maybe, they were never loved enough or there was no one to support them and make them realise that their existence, their true identity really matters.

‘A’s always tried to be someone else. They  followed their “master’s” schedulde and belief.Basically, these kind of people never really bothered to know who they really are and what mixture of colour truly defines them.

But then, thankfully there is always a high point in thier life. Where they get betrayed by their own “masters” and in this phase of life, when they have no shade to hide from their own identitiy. ‘A’s could finally listen to their heart and at this point they could decide either to let their heart pain but still follow their so called “master” or turn the tide, fight against the odds and start exploring Oneself.

And how you can really help them is to make an effort to go and speak to them, make them feel that they are their own kind and assure them that you would support them in their journey of being oneself.

Here’s a small note to anyone who is reading this and feels like a ‘A’.

Dear, You are enough. You are strong and brave. Believe me there’s no peace in hiding under someone else’s shade. While your own bright colours are waiting to paint your life with happiness and joy.

Have a courage to paint your life in your own way. And, you will realise what a masterpiece you have created.

Here’s happy life wishing you all the love and happiness 🤗 #believeinyourself

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