1. make or become different.

We have all been in that contant passive phase where the only question that subconsciously triggers our mind is “Have i changed?”, “is this the real me?”.

We all share our nostalgic childhoods memories with our present. of course! Everyone has differnt story but the conclusion remains the same”i wish i was the same me”.

Did we really change?! What made us change?! Is this change for good?!

Every human is different, differnt by looks, different by style and different by behaviour.

We all have that one spark that makes us different from people. Does this Change mean to loose that spark?! Or to copy someone else?!

No change is for good, it is to upgrade you, to observe and learn you.

Change is something that you have accepted to be.

Change means to be the higher version of your own.

Go back to basics and you will realize that You are still the same you, probably now the scluptured you.

And even if you have changed, you have changed for better.

So,the next time you realize you have changed embrace it and realize that, this is the moment you can change again.

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  1. Nice…We all want change…but can’t except it. But the universe has a way of making changes rite at the rite moments. We kick and fuss. But in the long run…it was the change we wanted. And it put us in a greater position. Awesome blog!!!

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  2. That was a fast response! Thanks for visiting and for leaving me the likes. I had read your “about” but didn’t find a place to comment. So I came back to look some more. I’ll see you later. 😀

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    1. Hey! I love your blogs. They bring in the sense of gratitude in me towards every thing in my surroundings. I am yet to read about Jehovah-rephe. But i am sure it will change my perspective in someway or other.
      Also, i would love to know your views on my post❤
      Here’s wishing you a happy life


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