Busting the birthday blues. (Part-2)

A few years ago, i was checking out my childhood captures and there i found out my 6th birthday pictures. I also have some unclear memory of that birthday which atleast, i imagine have taught me something very cool about birthday’s.

So, Let’s go back to my youngest b’day memory.

I was wearing a white & red chudidar(indian attire) apparently it was the trendiest outfit of that time (your girl was a born fashionista) and as i could witness in all my photos. My neighbour friends were invited to the party.

I was looking happy and excited about birthday like every 6 year old. But then i noticed my birthday cake. I also had a fade memory of a unique birthday cake. I only remember that i was very happy looking at the cake.It wasn’t a normal all purpose flour cake. It was a “ladoo cake”.

Laddoo is actually a sweet dish prepared in a indian home. And my brainy mum put the laddo substance into the cake mold and made a cake out of it.

I asked my mom the reason behind. And she said me. That, birthday i demanded for a special cake and unfortunately the bakery we ordered had denied delivering a cake at last minute. So my mom used her chef skills and made a “ladoo” cake for me. Fooling me that it was a special cake and as a six year old i was so happy looking at a unique cake. Also, i remember how proudly i showed off my birthday cake to all my friends and family.

Imagine, if the same incident took place at my 16th birthday. I bet you i wouldn’t have had celebrated my birthday with so much fun and happiness.

I would never have appreciated my mom’s efforts to still make me feel special despite the badluck and might have only felt bad about how unlucky i was that i couldn’t even happen to cut a normal cake on my birthday.

I had two choices.Either to appreciate my mom’s effort and enjoy my birthday like i did when i was 6 or feel unlucky and be sad like i would surely do if i was 16.

Focous on good guys. Bithday is your day and no one in no way possible should make you feel sad about it. Donot ever let anyone or anything spoil your day.

6 thoughts on “Busting the birthday blues. (Part-2)

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  1. I love the example of your story! How do we change our minds from pride about being different to embarrassment between 6 years and 16??? I wish it wasn’t so.

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