Understanding the unalikes (epi-2)

Let’s meet “B’s”

“B’s” are the kind of people who have defined the meaning of love and life at a whole different level.

They are always there when you need them. They ain’t the most sorted personalities. yes, they have their own shit to be solved. But there is something magical that keeps us wanting to meet them and talk to them always.

You are stressed out?! Your “B” is just a phone call away. You might also have realised that no pill can calm you as your “B” can.

And as per my light of knowledge, they have been our fairy because they care about every minute shit related to us.

You are ready to spill your insecurities in front of them because you know you won’t be judged.

What a life it would be to you, if you didn’t have a “B” to vent your heart out after your downhill?!

Everybody know’s you as a cool, happy go lucky human. But only your “B” knows that how just watching a sad movie could upset you for days.

Isn’t it strange on how our “B” make us feel?!

They make us feel like we are the “superhero” of the so called blockbuster movie “life”.

Or like we are the most intellectual, brave and matured person among the billions.

Wow! Their love is beyond humanity, their love is magical

Yeah! These “B” have got a special place in everybody’s heart. They are a part of our “spiritual family”. But then, don’t you think we have taken them for granted?!

Yes! Sure, we love them. But then we fail to express our love sometimes.

Guys “B” are meant to feel special and loved. Just as you need them, they need you. No doubt, you are always there. But sometimes action speaks louder than words.

So, rush immediately. Make a call, go to their place. Hug them, kiss them tell your “B” that you love them. And no matter what, you are always there for them.

P.S- I konw it sounds cliche. but believe me nourishing you spirtual family, your “B” with love, trust and gratitude is the only way to lead a happy life.

Also, i would love to know who is your “B” (your key to happiness) in the comments below.

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