The power to act, speak or think as one wants.

Freedom is being you without any hesitation. It is a power to bloom in your colour, to radiate your fragnance and to blossom for your own joy.

You may want to grow like wild flowers with no intentions and plans in life just going with the flow.

Or, like the orchids leading a life to spread love and happiness arround you.

Or, like the lotus to believe in yourself and still preserve the beauty of life no matter what circumstances life throws at you.

Freedom is to express your ownself, your ownkind.

Freedom is to smile bright without fearing the shape,size and colour of your teeth. It is to let your dreams strech out like wings and fly high without any hesitation to fall down.

Freedom is to exhale your insecurities and to to sing your heart out like a nightingale, irrespective being judged. To fly is to first love yourself. To understand what a kind of beauty you are. To build up your concrete confidence that can’t be shaken by anyone.

Freedom is getting out of your zone, smiling wide, dancing the most unusual choreography, singing you heart out without bothering the tune. It is to jump beyond your hesitations, to kiss your pride and to hug your self-esteem.

Freedom is an expression to tell the world that you are one of a kind. To act the way you feel, to speak out your emotions and to stand by your thoughts.

Freedom is to get out of your own cage of hesitations, judgments and validations. Freedom is to fly high under the sky of hope, faith and happiness.

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