Busting the birthday blues. (Part-1)

Birthdays have always been the most awaited time of the year to me. I am happy, full of hope and a spoiled girl on my birthday.

My birthday planning is a whole year process somewhere behind my mind. And the whole idea comes to an actual action the month before. I have a whole day planned, i try my birthday outfits before and make sure there is always a backup outfit. Also, there a certain things that by now have a become a ritual on my birthday ceremony. Like making my own maggiee cake, watching my favourite movie and yes! A delicious desert that my mum prepares is a must.

My excitement levels up after every birthday of my closed ones. And the countdown has to begin from the very next day after my birthday.

No i am not exaggerating! But that’s how much i am excited about my birthday. And yes! I am also aware that not many of you really like celebrating your birthday and for some of you it might never have been a topic to be excited about.

But here i am! Sharing you my real experiences about the birthdays . Believe me, they have changed my whole perspective on what birthday actually are meant to be and how should we celebrate our birthday.

And meanwhile, if you think i have a huge party, a whole bunch of 50 friends dancing and drinking arround to celebrate my birthday. Let me bust your bubble and tell you. I have always had my birthday’s celebrated in the most simple and yet in a beautiful way.

Keep reading to know what really helped me to understand the birthdays from an another cloud. Believe me, it might change your perspective too.

12 thoughts on “Busting the birthday blues. (Part-1)

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  1. How age changes our perspective. I am in my 6th decade of life now. I require no party, no decorations, no cake, and no gifts to make me happy. The opportunity to share another year w/ loved ones is enough. ❤

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