Understanding the unalikes (epi-1)

Let’s meet T’.

“T” are the kind people who always prefer sitting in the corner of the room. Who always feel inferior and intimidated about their decisions. They usually have a low pitched voice and they rarely speak up. They seldom socilaise and attend parties.

But what makes them different from rest is that they constantly put an effort to get out of their shell, try to feel more confident about their work and want to kinda socialise.

Unfortunately, everytime they try to socialise or try hard to mingle around. They are somehow attracted to someone or something that intimidates them. And that someone could probably is us. We might hurt them unintentionally.

I would not want to discuss why are they not really confident about themself or were there any situations that really changed their life and forced them to mute themeself from the chaos in the world.

All i know is they need love. They just want a welcoming enviroment. Where no one is juding them, not even unintentionally.

Maybe, your one smile can make them feel a bit less stressed about attending an event with 300 more people.

No never give them the attention intentionally. Just keep it casual. Simply ask their opinions or maybe talk on random things. Make them feel that their opinion is important and so are they.

And why would you do this?! Because their is kindness and humanity still running in your veins.

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  1. In a world where such expression of compassion is very rare, I think you do point a vital responsibility we as humans have towards humanity. I would but say to all ‘T’s , to lay the foundations of belief within self, the external world is impermanent, validation and acceptation is everlasting when it comes from within!

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  2. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Are they intimidated or just shy? Shy people have a lot to say and feel good about themselves, they just have a hard time breaking the conversational ice.

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    1. Hey! Your blog is lovely. I hope you enjoyed mine.
      I think the fact that they try everybit to overcome their fear to socialise but unfortunately feel worthless about themselves might prove that they are less of shy and more intimidated.


  3. I did enjoy your blog. It’s thought provoking. I’m shy, but not intimidated. I’m a strong person and have good leadership qualities. I’m just not good in a crowd where I don’t know a lot of people. I used to be afraid to stand and speak in any situation, which did not match my personality. After I joined Toastmasters so many years ago, that became a non issue. I’m sill shy and will always be, but I’m not intimidated! Take Care.

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