love [ luhv ]


1. A deep passionate affection to your loved ones.

Well! Love is the only pillar of your absoultely f***ed up, devastating life. Only support system that keeps you going.

You are born, and you see wonderful superhumans passionately staring at you. Crying, laughing, feeling thankful and devoted. And congratulations to you, you have already given them the greatest of happiness they have ever asked for.

You grow up in a cocoon, protected by every bit of a particle that might turn harmful to you. And finally, one day you decide to break your shell and fly high.

It’s time to rise and shine my dear. So is the time to say good bye to your fairy world. Everything is changing. you are hit by the rocks, you fall, you are hurt but people who love you will motivate you to get up again, you shall crawl, walk or run but you try endless to reach your goals.

But Hey! Some flowers tend to bloom in the cloudy days . You are running and now you are suddnely stuck, looking at your english teacher. Your first crush indeed. It was a innocnet, pretty and cute love.

Days pass by, You are still hustling. You body is growing and so are your harmones. Your crush’s hop from teachers to strangers, to seniors, to batchmates, to friends.

You experience love, joy, happineess, freedom arround the people you choose. But sometimes you get along, only to never get along. There are times when your heart breaks. You cry, grieve but come back strong. Hustling again to probably find a better one this time.

There are plenty of hook ups and breakups by now. You have grown older and wiser to handle your shit. And if sometimes you are all broken, you have the most annoying, chessy, cringe worthy people in your life who hold your back. Well! These are the same people who haven’t got their shit done proper but here they are to advice you, run along you, fuck around with you and celebrate life with you.

Yess! I am speaking about our frands. You know they are absolutely rubbish, trash, with a soothing fragrance. You know they are special. And by the way, you really love them. Happy realisation day guys.

You keep running to chase your dreams, find success. still keep knocking for eternal peace.

And meanwhile you find “THE ONE”. Who reminds you who you are, who supports you, who makes your world beautiful, who is basically a part of you.

You still hustle. And this time not for you but for your loved ones. Strange isn’t it?!

Love is customised for evey single individual on earth. It has engraved a different meaning in everyone’s heart.

Let’s not use logics, arguments and thesis to materialise love. Let it be an abstract noun. Something that is raw and left undefined, to let everyone seek it in their own way.

Oh, By the way! That eternal peace you were trying to chase whole your life. That’s most likely to be the journey you lead all your life.

So never miss the present.

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