Well! That was all about my 12 day break.

Honestly, i am bemused on whether this break turned useful to me or it was a sheer waste of time.

Intially, i felt useless,anxious and guilty. But as the time passed by, i felt relaxed. I was in my zennest mode possible. Hustling everyday meant worthless. Soon, my body was used to “let’s chill” mode. and therefore maybe when my brain was extremely excited to get back to routine. My body actually never wanted to work again. Sooner my motivation turned to disappointment and disappointment to guilt.

But feeling guilty about the break as whole. Wouldn’t be fair. Specially after finding enlightenment in such a hectic enviromnet that we all leave in.

I thinks it’s all about BALANCE. It is about to balance you brain and body. It is to balance your work and life. You know, it is possible to work hard, struggle and yet stay happy while you are on your journey to reach your goal . It’s just a one minor effort to put in and that is “balance”.

Guys! It’s okay to take a break! Don’t be guilty. Spending your time on yourself isn’t a sin. But remember to maintain the balance.

2 thoughts on “IT’S TOTALLY OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK!(Part-12)

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  1. I have had a profound experience with ‘guilt’, especially of not meeting my own expectations.And you know after several encounters I am in much ‘BALANCE’ right now.The first step I take is that no amount of guilt can change what has happened, then I focus on what’s in my control , which is to act now. Then subsequently I lowered my expectations and made them more realistic, you see it’s okay to fail or stumble but its not okay to stop trying! TO TRY IS TO LIVE.

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