Day 8 and 9

There were post wedding celebrations (marwari weddings you know!). So, i couldn’t get back to my work. But i kept motivating myself for day-10 when i could finally start back my routine.

Day 10

Technically! i was supposed to get back to work that day. But it didn’t really happen. For the first time in my life i was all excited to work but seems like universe didn’t want me get back to my routine.

So, I got up early that day, i was all boosted to start my show. But as i open my eyes, i see 50 people walking arround, some chatting, some cooking.

Basically, everyone were still in the celebration mood(or atleast i thought that they were).

Honestly, It was impossible to study with so many people in the home. But i couldn’t have afforded to procrastinate my work . As my exams and due dates were nearer.

So, i just breathed in deep and decided to study no matter what! I ran upstairs took a bath. Went back to my study room. As i open the door, i see plywoods, hardware material, fevicol boxes and dust everywhere. My study room had become a garage for past 15 days.

I opened my cupboard, looked at my books, all covered in dust. I felt bad. I have no idea why?! (No, i am not a philomath, i suck at studying like many of us , but may be the whole Indian culture that book is your goddess or studying is your dharma made me feel sad about looking at the plight of my books.

I cleaned my books. Clearly, there was no way i could study in that room. So i came out to find a study place. There was no quiet room in the home.

So i decided to go to my aunt’s home who is also my neighbour. I went to her guest room.

“Ahhh…” i relaxed. I was happy that I got my way out to actually make my way in.

But as soon as i start studying, the phone starts ringing. i pick up the call

“Where are you?! Come to the hall soon”. My sister yelled

“I am studying. Can you tell me why?” I asked

“There’s a ritual and your presence is necessary. So come fast”. She ordered.

I closed my books, shut the door and ran back towards my home. And didn’t open my books for 2 days. I was feeling defeated for the whole day. I really wanted to study that day. But everything went wrong since i woke up.

I still tried studying but seems like universe didn’t want me to study.(okay! I think that was an excuse. Yes! i am usually a person, who believes that there is no energy greater than a person’s own will.) But that day, i was perplexed. I now realise, i might not have really gone out of my way to make it happen. May be i should have just denied going to my home, or been there for 2 minutes and come back to study. Now, as i think of it i could still have made it work. But that day i felt defeated. My excitement turned in to disappointment. All my motivation went in ruin.

Well! Here is a question to you.

Does that ever happen to you. That you are all excited for excecuting your plans on one specific day. And when the actual day comes there’s everything going against you and you could do nothing but see yourself fail?!

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