DAY-5,6 and 7 were an absolute bliss. There were ritual after ritual, i dressed up, danced, ate delicious food(yes! You might have guessed it right, i am huge foodiee and i love dancing)and have enjoyed every second of my life.

It was after a long time, that i felt so relaxed and satisfied. My faliures, my hardship, my flaws, my life, everything just felt right. I could feel my absolute best.

Before,there was something or the other that always kept bothering me, my mind was always occupied. I always had one or the other emotion (maybe guilt,anger,love,worries etc.) synapsing between my nerves. I almost forgot to stay calm. I had never been so peaceful lately and indeed my brain was craving for this break.

Even after the whole day rush and surviving on 3 hours sleep, i still had energy to work at night.I was amazed at my capabilities.

Since i was on a break, i wasn’t busy last 7 days, but i was productive af. I spent less time on mobile, absolutely no time binging web series and completely stopped overthinking. It felt less like a break and more like brain rejuvenation camp.

Yes! This long break, piled up my work. (I had classes to attend, notes to write, assignments to complete and a heck of concepts to study). But now, i was ready to wark harder.

I realised, it was time to get back to work, hustle and make it happen.

3 thoughts on “IT’S TOTALLY OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK!(Part-10)

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  1. This is beautifully written❤️
    I read all your other posts too…
    Keep up the good work!
    I also have a blog do check it out…
    Don’t forget to like and follow

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