That day was the first pre-wedding ritual. I was all dressed up for the ceremony. I clicked few pictures,ate delicious food and had a good time with my family.

But, i had a strange low feeling throughout that day. I was happy, laughing and cracking jokes. But it felt like i was missing something really important. I tried to ignore my feelings for sometime. But i finally decided to hear to my soul. So i went upstairs, sat calmly and asked myself “what’s wrong?”.

“You have not touched your books since 4 days” my guilt spoke. “You promised me to study regularly 15 days ago” it coninued.Oh shit, that’s true. I was not studying.

It was a seed of gulit that was germinating in my brain. And that is what kept me happy but unhappy for whole day.

Isn’t it strange?! You take a break to esacpe from your daily boring routine. But then feel guilty about not doing your daily work while you are in a break.

Actually this whole game is about your “mindful act”. No one can ever make you happy until you wanna be happy. It’s your setting in your brain on what you choose to feel and act like at that particular moment.

Taking a break is your midful act of actually not working like your daily routine to rejuvenate your brain and comeback fresh. But feeling guilty about not working during your break is never helping you to feel good and fresh. it is infact adding stress to your already stressful life.

Break doesn’t mean a vacation and a fancy dinner it only means a mindful act of enjoying your moments and not really feeling guilty about the decision.

It is your mindful decision to choose the option in every situation that life throws at you. You decide mindfully and stick up to it. Never let your decision to be shaken by weapons like guilt. Let your decisions be firm and straight forward.

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