It was a chill day. I Got up, got ready. It was time for executing our plans. So, we started off at 10 in the morning worked until 2.00pm. And i was so busy at my work that not even for once i was distracted thinking about anything else in the world. It was indeed a 4 hour mediation to me.

That day! I worked until late night. I was extremely exhausted yet smiling because i never really thought that breaks could be this productive. There was also a bit satisfaction in knowing that i wasn’t too bad at this job.

I remeber that day, i realised something more about life. So we were 4-5 people discussing about menu for a particular function. Everyone had their own opinions so did i. And nobody was ready to ditch their plan and accept other’s. We wasted an hour and there was no conclusion yet. We were still debating and proving our point. All of this was turing personal by this time. And because i didn’t want to spoil the whole wedding vibe, i backed off. And 5 minutes later, we mutually decided on a idea for the ceremony.

But,what i really want to emphasize on is about the idea of actually listening to people’s suggestion , making an effort to understand it and also tring trying to explain your point of view.

Have you realised We don’t do it more often now?! We simply cut the conversation and start using our phones instead of our brain. And that’s why we lack good healthy relationships in our life. Because nobody really knows your perspective and that’s clearly because you didn’t put any effort in communicating. Try and practice active communication skills it really helps you to know better and to be known better.

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