I woke up with a huge smile on my face. I felt new, i felt good. No not because of my well-groomed face(no poo moments here!) But because there was no alarm ringing on my phone that day.

I think alarms have become new definition for fear and anxiety. If you wake up at time you overcome your fear and if you snooze your alarm you are only strengthening your anxiety.

So i was officially on my break! But i got up, took a bath and had been to same saloon for a haircut. This time i was all prepared, no adrenaline rush, i was chill and only hoping for good hair.

It was my brother’s wedding week , So all the guests arrived home by this time. I love when our whole family is together. It’s a different kind of celebration. Everyone was happy, smiling and laughing and having fun.

With all the fun, there comes a true test for creativity. Which themes, what colours, what variety of food and which music to play. And by the way copying themes is considered a sin in our family. So we were brainstroming all the possible ideas to make this lockdown marriage a wonderful memory.

After discussing, drafting,deleting and decoding all the possible ideas we finally decided our theme. It was truly an exhausting process.

Later on, I came back to my room and lying on my bed, still thinking about the theme. As i close my eyes, i realised how breaking my own boundaries of imagination, upgrading my potential and actually thinking for the ways to actually make something unreal to happen made it happen. All the qoutes on how powerful we humans are, made sense that day.

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