I came back home. Everyone around complimented me for my clear groomed face. But my eyes were in search of my mother. I immediately ran upstairs entered the room and looked at my mom. I can still remember how her smile widened past every sec she was looking at me.She was so happy.

I immediately asked her “maa,do i look good?” “You look so beautiful beta” she replied. I could feel her happiness, i immediately looked at the mirror and i was amazed. All of a sudden i looked pretty it wasn’t less than a miracle. I honestly didn’t feel any difference on my face before. But now, looking at myself i could realise the difference.

I am not kidding you guys, but i genuinely believe in this concept, that i call “my spiritual family”. Basically “Spiritual family” is the most filtered family that you choose for yourself. You share a vague emotional and sacred enery with them. These are not your facebook friends or Instagram followers or even your whatsapp contacts to whom you are the same as you present to world. Your spiritual family is of those 5-6 people around you who knows how to touch your soul. With whom you are the basic version of yourself. No masks;No filters;

Everyone has a spiritual family. But strengthening your spirtual relationships help you to intensify the enery and vibrations with your people. And all that you need to do build your relationship is to express your love and stay the real you. Your spiritual family is a place where you enjoy the real joy and happines. Your spiritual family is your biggest strength.

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