DISCLAIMER-there’s a lot of exaggeration in the below content(please don’t judge me). But the pain was real.

It’s time for getting my eyebrows done!! Hurray! I was excited for two things-
1. Getting my eyebrows done was always my version of performing a khatroon ke khiladi stunt and,
2. I am finally going to test my pain threshold.( something that i was more curious to know about after a gossip about my aunt’s neighbour.)

So i was made to sit down on a not so comfortable saloon chair. And the same stylist grabbed a thread from the drawer and started her show.
There were three questions that i was constantly figuring out answers for, until my eyebrows were getting done.
1. How much more painful it might turn?!
2. Should i keep my legs crossed, or stretch them or simply keep them free?
3. Is she using the same part of thread that she held in her mouth a sec ago?

An idea to everyone out there if you ever wanna punish your friend GET THEIR EYEBROWS DONE.

The process of threading was painful, annoying and it really felt like it wasn’t worth the tears in my eyes.

I know getting eyebrows done is not a big deal. I will get used to it and blah blah. But i think it was more painful to me because i was not “mentally ready” for it. I think we are more hurt when we are not mentally ready for certain things it might be as simple as dealing with negative comments to losing someone in your life and by mentally ready i mean to train yourself in your own way on dealing with certain things in life. Believe me there is no one who can understand you better than you. Seek help but figure your version of answers. That’s probably when you are mentally ready to overcome certain subjects in life.

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