According to my tiny knowledge of skin care. She first applied a cleanser to my face and then a face pack. And left the room.

I was still confused. I didn’t knew if i had to stay there,follow her, close my eyes, open my eyes,smile wider or simply sleep. So i decided to grab my phone and text my bff’s.

Well! They are equally dumb as me but you know! Ek se bhale do! I was texting in the group and meanwhile i realised i am using phone. PHONE which clearly means radiations. That can be dangerous right. I was imagining this whole chemical reaction between the rays and chemicals applied to my face and turning of the chemicals into harmful radicals which are an absolute danger to my health. Ssshhhhh i cleared up my mind.

No don’t get me wrong. I am a sensible women. But that noon i freaked out. I was constantly trying to supress all the negative thoughts of how wrong everything can go and how bad it can turn to me. I was trying to think different than what i really felt and that made me more nervous.

Thinking that everything may go wrong is bad. But what’s worse is bottling up your emotions and not really expressing your heart out. That’s exactly what i did! Trying to supress all my negative thoughts and faking positivity. Clearly, i was myself building anxiety inside me. Guys! It is all okay to feel your emotions and let it out. It’s doesn’t make you look silly. Instead you are a brave one.

20 minutes later she came back and washed my face and asked me to wait outside. I went outside, immediately ran towards the mirror and keenly looked at my face to find just one red spot so that i can sue her.

Strange isn’t it?! I was searching for redspots instead of looking at a clean face. We humans will never change!

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