It’s 1.00 in the noon and here i am in this new saloon much more classy than my standards. Lying down in bed and wondering my whole new diva look.

Thad! The saloon stylist enters she immediately asks me to lie down straight and collects the product from the shelf.

” I hope there’s no reaction to my skin” i instantly spoke. ( i wanted to say it to myself but i said it loud).

“We use organic products ma’am” she replied. “Actually it’s my first time taking this service” i said, to coverup my dumbass statement. There was an awkward silence.

Meanwhile, i hear from other room my sister and stylist speaking to eachother and i realise how comfortable they were knowing eachother and discussing their personal life in a span of 20 mins.

All inspired, i decided to start a conversation with my stylist. I was running arround all the corners of my mind in search of a question. And finally decided to ask her “what is her name?”.

“Wha… ” i was about to speak and she interrupted me asking “Did you use any product on your face before coming here?” She clearly was in no mood and that gave me a bit anxiety. “i applied a moisturizer to my face” i replied hesitantly.

There was an awkward silence again. This time 1000 questions runnig arround my head “have i answered her right?” ” is moisturisers called a moisturizer or a lotion?” ” wait, do you apply a face cream or a moisturizer to your face?” I was surely a complete dumbo infront of her

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