Well here i am! Sharing my guilt to feel less guilty about taking a long break for 12 days. Honestly i wasn’t even working extra hard before. It was a random full fledged break in a lockdown break itself.

No, don’t worry i am not here sharing what delicacies i had or how many cards game i won. Though i gained 2 kgs of weight and ‘am apparently a card game queen. I want to share something that i really felt both happy and sad about.


So cut to Day1- i still had no plan of taking a break. Also i was absolutely unaware of what a happy life it would turn to me for next 10 days.

At 11.00 am in the morning, my sister enters the room carrying this black card with smiling her heart out. She clearly was inviting me to something fun (in her view) and waste of time (in my view).

It was a beauty saloon scheme card, i had never been to a saloon for any service other than haircut. But this time my lady gang was all ready to transform me into a diva.

Though i was convinced at 10th request i accepted to go to saloon after the 100th request. Clearly, your girl has major ego issues.


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