Well! I know this whole lockdown is a good big break in itself. But hey! Don’t you feel we have interpreted the whole meaning of break into another sense.

Like common! You don’t have to take a break only when you had a breakup or anything like that. Breaks can be taken for your no reasons too. That perfect day break where you do everything you want to do without any guilt.

Yes! Yes! This break may sound like a pretty covinceable word for covering up your lazy behaviour. But it’s okay to be lazy at times because life is short guys and shorter is the time we spend on ourself.

I am not going to write about all the convincing scientific reasons on how a break really helps your brain to reactivate and rejuvenate. It’s out everywhere if you want to read it. I want to make you realise that spending your own time on you or working on yourself or maybe just being lazy for your own sake shouldn’t come with a guilt.

Have you realised on how passionately you began this journey aiming to conquer all the happines you worked hard for, but ended up just being a slave of money?! Doesn’t it pinch you on how rude you have become on yourself, aiming for higher and higher everytime without living in the present time?!

4 thoughts on “IT’S TOTALLY OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK!(Part-1)

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  1. hi, aisha! and thanks for visiing my blogsite. and thanks for cheering me up with yours. i shall surely be roaming around more often, as i find your light reading very soothing and fun to read. keep writing, dear friend.

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