Death- The certainly uncertain end.(part-8)

It was 3 a.m now. My alaram rang. I snoozed it with the greed of speaking 5 more minutes with her. At 3.05 a.m it rang again and i snoozed it again. It rang again after 5 minutes this time i cancelled the alarm.

“You should probably sleep an hour and start studying”she said. “No, i have revised the chapters already. We can speak” i lied. “But, i need to sleep now, not sleeping for adequate time,ain’t good for my health” she replied. “Yeah, it’s good to practice healthy living” i said. “You think i am a health conscious person?!” She laughed. “Yes! I mean you are at your 80s without any major ailment. That’s a pretty good living.” I replied.

“I have got a pacemaker in my heart. I am not even supposed to walk for some distance. I swallow a no. of tablets everyday . I also Suffer from breathlessness at times” she said. I was shocked. “I have seen you working,doing household chores. I thought you were pretty fit.” ” why do you work in home when doctor hasn’t allowed you to?” I asked. “I don’t like sitting in a corner and feeling sick , doing my chores keeps me going”she replied. ” you know! i don’t wanna sit there and wait for my death. I want to feel normal, live my life like everyday until my last breath.” She continued.

“That’s amazing” i answered. “What a happy life she is living. All clear and sorted” I said to myself.

But today,while writing this i realise!Her life wasn’t easy. She might have been through many hard times like everyone else does. Her life surely wasn’t any perfect fairy princess story but the way she shaped her thoughts about life was not less than anything fairy. I am sure her experience might as well has helped her to be this sorted and clear about life. But what ultimately kept her going is the positive perspective about everything in her life even the death.

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