Death- The certainly uncertain end.(part-7)

I looked at my phone. One hour passed. This time i had no inner voice trying to warn me about the exams . I would have no regrets even if my exam didn’t go well tomorrow. Because clearly, i was learning about life and maybe making an old lady happy for sometime.

She started telling me about her family, her children, how she used to make their favourite dishes and how making everyone happy made her happy.

You can’t imagine how optimistic she was about her life. She surely might have seen many ups and downs in her life. But looking at positive aspect in every situation is what we need to learn from her.

We often feel bad about things that are not even a big deal. All the likes,comments and no. of people who has seen our status decides our mood. We complain about not having enough dresses, accessories or maybe shoes. Yeah! It’s okay. It’s okay to update yourself to look clean, poise or trendy. But what’s not okay is to look good only to please a bunch of people arround you.

On the contrary, sometimes we deny bothering about thoughts that are a real big deal only for a fear of making fool of ourselves. For example we deny showing our disappointments or how hurt we are about a particular topic only for the fear of getting judged by people.

Letting everyone decide your mood is only going to make you feel weak. Don’t let everyone to touch your divine soul. There’s nothing wrong about sharing your thoughts and talking about your feelings. But don’t let all the comments bother you. Take the good ones and ignore the rest.

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