Death- The certainly uncertain end.(part-6)

“You know i got married when i was at your age”. She said. “Well! That’s so cool”. I replied.

“It wasn’t cool at all. I travelled miles away from my home to a unkown place and was supposed to spend my entire life with a person whom i didn’t even see before” She said. “What?! You didn’t even knew how your husband looked like, before your marriage?” I clarified. “Nope! It was an absolute suprise” she laughed. God! Didn’t you question your parents?! I mean, you should atleast know whom are you going to spend your entire life with?” I asked. “I didn’t think that way and i knew my parents are my well-wishers “she said. I was astounded. “That’s how strong our relationship bonds were. We were honest, trustworthy and caring . Yes! We have had fights but we didn’t bring our ego’s in between. And that’s why me and my husband had a beautiful relationship too”.she said. “That’s so true” i nooded my head.

“You know beta, she continued, the best advice i can give you is learn to grow with your relations. Adapt to the changes, sacrifice at times but at the same time never lose your essence. Always keep your self-esteem to your top priority. Also remember that, there is this thin line between your ego and self-respect, realise the right side and stay in, never cross the line. Because that is only going to destroy everything.”

” I have see children of your age, they often complain that their family,thier inner-circle doesn’t really understand them. Well! I don’t know, how can somebody understand you when you post all happy pictures of on social website but you look sad and unhappy in reality”. “You are the one who is wearing the mask and running away from everything.she mocked.” Stop doing that! Otherwise your life is going to turn miserable. Stop looking your happines arround, it is within you. Trust yourself, there’s no better person who knows you better than you ” she explained.

That hit me hard. She’s right. I have been practising to trust me, to hear my own voice and to find myself amongst the crowd and believe me i am more happier everyday. I share better relationships with my people arround.

Try this out someday, go out to your favourite restranunt and binge eat the yummiest food. Do your most guilty pleasure thing, it may be watching relaity shows or a bollywood romcom. Get out of your home and play hide and seek with kids. Do everything that makes your soul happy. Talk to your mom on dad on the silliest topics , joke arround with your friends. Share your heart out and let you know what a cool human you are.

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  1. Very good advice on relationships. Being ready to grow with it, keeping the ego in check and be willing to sacrifice some things for the other. But while doing all this not forgetting one self, but to dig deeper and connect with our true self, be true to ourselves and not present the world with a mask but our true self. This way, we live our true purpose in peace and fulfilment. I’ve enjoyed the many valuable lessons in this story. Well written

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