Death- The certainly uncertain end.(part-5)

“I don’t know how you do it, but you look so timeless and charming” i complimented “Aww! Thankyou so much” she replied. “I was the prettiest in my town, my mom used to hide me whenever the english men were on rounds”. She continued. “But, why would she do that?!” I asked her. To which she replied,” i was fair and beautiful and my mom was scared that the english men would take me away and marry me”.

I laughed out loud. Mama you know! She thinks her daughter is a princess, she wants you to dress up and want you to look the most alluring among everyone in gathering. she compliments your flaws. Nobody makes you feel more beautiful than her.

Mom also teaches you to bare the pain yet have a smile on your face. She teaches you to be strong and courageous.

Did you ever see your mom giving up?! No right! Then why do you think you are weak?! You are raised by an amazing woman.

Remember, if you ever give up. You are questioning your mom’s upbringing. You weren’t taught to give up and admit defeat. You are taught to be a rebel and fight for your dreams. Imagine how your mom would feel knowing that her beautiful princess daughter is suffering from inferior complexity? You aren’t bad, you are worth all the good things in life because your mom wishes you all the goodness.

Everybody has a breakdown, it’s okay to cry your heart out, it’s okay to feel hurt, but what’s not okay is assuming that you are a mere piece of a shit or having any kind of suicidal thoughts. You are strong woman and a strong woman will always turn her pain into power.

So, chin up princess coz you are raised by a queen.

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