Death- The certainly uncertain end.(part-4)

There were all the kind neurotransmitters realizing in my brain. I was shocked by those 3 words. Can you ever imagine to work hard, struggle, succeed, earn name, earn fame, hate, cry, love, make a family, bring up a family, and then wait for the death?!

How bad might the life has turned for someone who’s only hope is wait for the death? “But you are happy in your life right”?! I clarified.

“Yes!” She replied.

I was relieved.

“When someone like you bothers to speak to this boring old granny. It makes me happy” she said. I smiled. My heart smiled.

In this materialistic world, where people chase name, fame and money. We have lost our humanity. We have forgotten to feel, to laugh, to cry and to share.

Hold on for a sec! Breathe! Do you remeber the innocent you who was the happiest when dad bought your favourite ice-cream? How princessy you felt on your b’day wearing the new dress and distributing sweets to whole school? When you cried, let your emotions out, and told your mamma how unfair your friend was?

Life was simpler back then!

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