Death- The certainly uncertain end.(part-3)

You know! Heart always wins

“I don’t sleep this early” she replied. I kept quite. I wanted to cut-off the conservation. Don’t get me wrong! i am not an insane human but i had an exam next day.

“I am lying down because all the light’s are off” she continued ” this old lady is no more thrilled to dare walk in darkness”.

“But! Isn’t it boring to be staring at fan every night? Has it become a ritual to you”?! The curious part of me questioned. “Well! Studying everyday might be boring as well” she mocked.

She’s right! How boring it is to sit at same desk, hold the same book and study for a year. But you know, you do it to reach your goal, you do it for a sense of fulfillment, you do it for your own satisfaction. All of us have different boring jobs but we all work hard, everyday, only to reach our respective goals.

“Your place is very beautiful! I changed the topic. “I often get lost in my own world and find myself daydreaming” i continued. “Do you daydream? “I popped a question. “Daydream?!” She laughed out loud.

Okay! This time i was pretty embarrassed. These old smart ladies are pretty much skilled at 2 jobs- 1. To identify the dirt even at the cleanest space. And, 2. To respond like a savage. Indeed! I sounded like an idiot.

“God! Why am i sounding so silly? Girl!shut the mouth up and sleep” i told myself.

“It ain’t my age to daydream, people at my age wait for death” she said.

“Wait for the death?!” I was bewildered. “Who would want to die?!” I asked immediately

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