Death- The Certainly uncertain end.(part-2)

There was certain kind of eagerness that i could see in her eyes. They begged to speak to me. I wanted to speak with her too.

But then, All of a sudden i hear a part of me yelling at me “Hell no! You have your exams tomorrow. You can’t afford to listen to her boring history”. I immediately turned my back to her side, closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I couldn’t! My heart didn’t allow me to sleep.

Boom! Here i land in a dilemma.

I simply peeked out from behind the pillow, she was awake. This time starring at the fan. I didn’t knew what to do?! My heart wanted to speak to her, hear to all her beautiful experiences. Also, maybe share her grief..

“Wait,What grief?!You don’t even know her name yet . How would you know if she is sad? ” The part of me spoke again .

“Right! Logic gir! You are overthinking “. I said to myself. I firmly decided to not to speak to her. I denied listening to my heart.

By this time! I turned arround and  laid on my back and started staring at the fan.

After a minute of conscious breathing. I suddnely popped up a question “So, why are you still awake?”

What?! Did i just speak to her?

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