Death- The Certainly uncertain end. (part-1)

It’s strange how we all fear death knowing that it is the most certain thing in life. We often forget that life is for living and death is a cold hard truth.

When was the last time that you woke up in the morning and were thankful that you still have your life?

We often tend to take our lives for granted.we forget how strong we were to survive the previous day. We waste our time in present thinking about the future. But tomorrow may never come.

It was arround this time last year. I was staying at my relative’s place. (Because my exam centre was near to their house). There i met this beautiful old lady she was a 80ish year old women. She was charming, enthusiastic and full of life.

It was the night before my exam. My alarm was set . I had planned to sleep for 2 hours then revise all the chapters once i wake up. I then came downstairs because my bed was set beside the old ladies bed.

As i lie on my bed. I hear this soothing voice “Beta, are you prepared for your exams?” I didn’t answer. I didn’t knew how to answer, no human on earth knows how to answer this question before the exams. After a minute of silence. I hear her voice again. “Don’t worry beta , you have worked hard”. She understood my silence. This time i looked at her face and smiled. Her wrinkled face was glowing under the moonlight. But her eyes spoke different.

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