1.a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

You grow as human making wonderful memories, trying to analyse every circumstance, trying to learn and understand yourself better.

You evolve as a human making wonderful decisions, making an effort to improve, to update and to bring the best out of you.

You try,

You consciously make an effort, to erase the bad and mark the good in you.

You do it everyday, everyhour, everysecond. And it takes equal effort everytime no matter which number it is. You still give it all to follow your principles.

Trying to squeeze out from the narrow minds. Trying to explode the taboo ballons. You still manage to consider everbody’s feelings yet stand for you and your priniciples.

And between all this when somebody just bash their unthought opinion about you or your principles. It lacerates your heart, oozes the boiling blood in your veins. It makes you bones weak and you fall down on your knees. You feel like screaming at your loudest voice trying to explain people. But you shall keep quiet. You maintain the peace because you know it’s not worth it.

Then how do you explain people, that you ain’t that naive. You have got a plan. you thought about it before and later. You would have easily chosen for you but you instead chose for your ethics.

Well i don’t have an answer. I don’t know if you should to make peace with it or justify yourself. All i know is never loose your brave heart. Always work on yourself to be a better person. Carry your principles as your pride. No matter what kind opinions people have about you.

When you know you are truthful to you principles, irrespective of the opinions, you know you are strong. Stronger to face many such judgments, stronger to spreads your wings and fly high. Distant from people and far off from their opinions.




  1. a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.

Have you ever been in a phase where you didn’t knew what to decide for?!.

It is a phase where you have this dull, constant voice continuously scratching your head with alram noises ringing in the background and your brain trying to contemplate all the advices given to you by everyone arround. You are trying hard to understand your poblem in every dimension possible and hoping to take a right decision for yourself. Everything with so much pressure that you endup inviting stress and burnout.And eventually decide on the most impulsive decision for your problem.

I mean, why all that burnout? If you had to decide like this. I think you can only decide the best for you when you are in the most peaceful vesrion of you.

Okay! Let’s do this together.

Ask yourself, what actually is bothering you?

List out the problems now.

Try to order your probelms in the manner which needs to be dealt first.

Now that you know what needs be solved first. Ask yourself what are your views about it? Then, try to consider advices of people from similar interest. Now decide on for a temporary solution on the problem.

Try to evaluate your solutions both practically and emotionally. Confront yourself with all that could possibly go wrong with this decision. And how you might overcome all the obstacles and still follow your decision.

Try to find the alternatives. If you feel exhausted don’t worry write it down. And keep it for later.

Give it a thought when you feel like thinking about it. Analyze your solutions. Write them down,it really helps. And take the decision only when you know it is the right decision for you both emotionally and practically.

Yes. You might fear of making a wrong decision.

But don’t you think that the fact that the decision is of your conscience and not just from the influence of people that should matter more.

Rember You have taken this decision in the moment where you only focused on your problem. And with your best awareness you decided for yourself.

No matter however might this decision turn, you know you have decided this for you and you will stand by it even if everything falls apart.

Remember, you need to take charge for your own decisions or people will decide for your life.




  1. fussy or pedantic fault-finding.

It’s monsoon and sunday. I still decided to wake up early. I wore the coziest socks from my collection. And here i am sitting in my balcony with my chai and toast.

I badly want to have pakoda’s today. I know the whole setup already sounds so heavenly and i still can’t get rid of nitpicking over the tiny details.

But i have been this kind all my life. No, i consciously try not to nitpick others because i know it is more traumatising than the whole covid quarantine life. But i constantly try to nitpick and idealise my work only to endup dimissimg the whole work.

And that’s what many of us do. We have some amazing ideas curbed in our brains only because we feel they ain’t ideal to be a part of reality.

And that is the point when we start to distance ourself from our dreams. We start feeling like reality has hit us. And there’s nothing arround us like our fairy dream world.

Remember when everyone always spoke about how you need to be disciplined and hardworking and sincere to”make your dreams come true”. May be all they wanted to tell you is “create your dreams in to reality”. Produce your Brainstroms to world, work on it, travel the road you wanted to be on. No matter how bad is the road. At the end, you either reach your destination or connect to a different path embracing the journey you chose for yourself before.

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