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‘Happy Life’ is a mystic escape from all the chaos in the world.It is a heart to heart talk with the readers; with no criticism and no judgements.

This is not about a perfectly aesthetic picture, it is not about sounding intellectual in 140 characters, it is not about hash-tags. This is about candidness. Just talking it out!
So, you finally have a room to realise, feel and be you and Express your heart out. No filter, no editing; just pure rawness.

Hey! I am aishwarya,

An absolute normal human being who laughs, cries, shouts, and sometimes fakes personality.
But, here I am, presenting to you my not so professional blog on the happy life I am blessed to be leading.
No! I don’t have a perfect life, I am a middle-class girl struggling to achieve my goals; just like any other. Yet, here I am lighting up the true perspective of life.

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